Anti Wrinkle Cream

6 Ways to Fight Wrinkles Naturally

Scared of having to go through the knife or getting injected to retain your youthful look back? Worry no more. Botox, lasers and surgeries may seem to be lucrative as they promise immediate results, but the treatment cost may weigh heavy on your wallet, and there are many instances when things went wrong and what was desired turned into a nightmare. You will definitely not want anything like that to happen to you.

Many women start noticing the first signs of wrinkles when they are in their thirties and if you have spent your 20s holidaying at the beaches and leading a wayward lifestyle, then that is sure to show on your face pretty soon in the form of sun damage and wrinkles. Don’t be disheartened because all is not lost. You can still get back that youthful look and kiss your wrinkles goodbye by bringing about a few changes in your diet and lifestyle. Read on to know how.

#1 Exfoliate and Cleanse

Exfoliate using a good homemade scrub to remove dead cells and improve blood circulation on your face. Rinse well using a gentle facial foam (choose the cleanser based on your skin type). After cleansing apply a toner that will revitalize the skin. You should exfoliate your skin at least twice every week for best results.

#2 Hydrate with a Good Skin Cream

Your skin needs hydration so ensure you use an anti-wrinkle cream from a good brand. The skin cream doesn’t have to be expensive because products are available in all price ranges. You need to choose an anti-wrinkle cream depending on your skin type and apply it on your face at least twice daily – once before you step out in the sun (day anti-wrinkle cream must contain UV protection) and before going to bed at night (night anti-wrinkle cream must contain intensive moisturizers).

#3 Keep Makeup to a Minimum – Let Your Skin Breathe

If you are used to applying a lot of makeup then we would suggest that you now change your choice of cosmetics and makeup products. Use light-diffusing foundations and mineral-based makeup products. Heavy makeup has the tendency to settle on your face thus causing wrinkles and aggravating the already existing ones. Keep makeup to minimum and allow your skin to breathe.

#4 Exercises for Your Face

Yes, there are facial exercises that help keep the muscles and skin healthy and tight. It also helps remove wrinkles around the eyes. But, please avoid trying these exercises when you are caught in traffic as it might appear silly! Try opening your eyes as wide as you can and keep all other muscles of your face tensed. Now move the eyeballs from one side to another. Release after five seconds.

#5 Coconut Oil Works Wonders

You may have heard about the various benefits of virgin coconut oil, now it is time to try it yourself. Give yourself a massage at home using coconut oil. Use your fingers to gentle massage the oil on your face with upwards circular motion. This will stimulate blood circulation and relax the muscles.

#6 Include Anti-Aging Superfoods in Your Diet

Eating a well balanced food is important of all, because no matter how much you try to improve your skin from the outside, if you are not healthy inside it is not going to last for long. Some anti-aging superfoods include cruciferous veggies (broccoli) and leafy greens (kale, escarole, beet tops, swiss chard, and spinach), berries, avocados, tomatoes, raw almonds, and apricots. So, incorporate superfoods in your diet to stay healthy from the inside and you will see the difference on your face.